A proud team!

The team has multidisciplinary competences sharing the Multi-Agent Systems as common thread.

HES-SO People (from Switzerland)

Michael I. Schumacher Photo

Prof. Michael I. Schumacher

Full Professor at HES-SO

Davide Calvaresi Photo

Dr. Davide Calvaresi

Senior researcher at HES-SO

Jean-Paul Calbimonte Photo

Dr. Jean-Paul Calbimonte

Senior researcher at HES-SO

Victor Hugo Contreras Ordonez Photo

Victor Hugo Contreras Ordonez

PhD Student at HES-SO

UNIBO People (from Italy)

Andrea Omicini Photo

Prof. Andrea Omicini

Full Professor at UNIBO

Giovanni Ciatto Photo

Giovanni Ciatto

Post-doctoral Research Fellow at UNIBO

Andrea Agiollo Photo

Andrea Agiollo

PhD Student at UNIBO

Federico Sabbatini Photo

Federico Sabbatini

Research Fellow at UNIBO (up to Oct. 2021)

Matteo Magnini's Photo

Matteo Magnini

Research Fellow at UNIBO

UNILU People (from Luxemburg)

Leon Van der Torre Photo

Prof. Leon Van der Torre

Full Professor at UNILU

Joris Hulstijn's Photo

Joris Hulstijn

Researcher Responsible AI

Igor Tchappi's Photo

Igor Tchappi

Research Associate

LIST People (from Luxemburg)

Amro Najjar Photo

Dr. Amro Najjar

Full time researcher at LIST

OZU People

Reyhan Aydoğan's Photo

Prof. Reyhan Aydoğan

Professor at OZU

Anil Dogru Photo

Anil Dogru

PhD Student at OZU

Zehra Kesemen Photo

Zehra Kesemen

Master’s Student at OZU

Berkecan Kocyigit Photo

Berkecan Kocyigit

Master’s Student at OZU

Emre Kuru Photo

Emre Kuru

Bachelor’s Student at OZU

Furkan Canturk Photo


Furkan Canturk

Master’s Student at OZU

Berk Buzcu Photo


Berk Buzcu

Master’s Student at OZU