Towards cooperative argumentation for MAS: an Actor-based approach

by Giuseppe Pisano, Roberta Calegari, and Andrea Omicini Abstract We discuss the problem of cooperative argumentation in multi-agent systems, focusing on the computational model. An actor-based model is proposed as a first step towards cooperative argumentation in multi-agent systems to tackle distribution issues—illustrating a preliminary fully-distributed version of the argumentation process completely based on message passing. How to access URL: How to cite Bibtex @inproceedings{distributedarg-woa2021, author = {Pisano, Giuseppe and Calegari, Roberta and Omicini, Andrea}, booktitle = {WOA 2021 -- 22nd Workshop ``From Objects to Agents''}, editor = {Calegari, Roberta and Ciatto, Giovanni and Denti, Enrico and Omicini, Andrea and Sartor, Giovanni}, issn = {1613-0073}, keywords = {Argumentation, MAS, cooperative argumentation, distributed argumentation process}, location = {Bologna, Italy}, month = oct, note = {22nd Workshop ``From Objects to Agents'' (WOA 2021), Bologna, Italy, 1--3~} # sep # {~2021.
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